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‘still life

Beer and wine have gone from the exclusive purview of monks to mass production by huge multinational breweries and wineries; do-it-yourself homebrew kits are flying off shelves as regular people create new and interesting combinations in their backyards. But hard alcohol? It’s not just Ozark hillbillies cooking in secret, any more.  Despite huge risks, including lengthy jail sentences, home distillers across North America are flouting archaic tax laws to make artisanal liquor – and their instructions are coming from an unlikely source.

scent of a toxin

The elevator door closes, the strong smell of coconuts wafts to your nose from the woman next to you. Or is it coconut? With no government regulations to disclose the scent agents in everyday consumer products, it could be that coconut perfume is actually the carefully designed product of a European perfume-designer, and while its concentration is small, it’s only one of thousands of chemicals you will be exposed to that day. Have you developed a scent allergy? Have you experienced other health impacts after being exposed to scent agents? Contact me now.